What They WON'T TELL YOU About Your Favorite Channels

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  • Birt 5 mar 2019
  • It seems like all the news you hear about ISclipsrs now a days, or ever, is bad news. Whether it's a new scandal, controversy, or bit of miscellaneous drama - it's a LOT. It can be very disheartening as a Creator to never see the good from our industry be recognized. I'm not looking for praise, but I want to take the time to recognize what my fellow Creators have done over the years to give back. From PewDiePie to Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Super Carlin Bros, Mr. Beast, and so many others, ISclipsrs (and Twitch streamers too) have done SO MUCH GOOD! Today, I want to spread all the good news with you.
    Thanks to Make-A-Wish for providing information! ► wish.org/
    My thoughts on other online issues ►►
    They stole $1.7 million ► bit.ly/2FPwSJc
    It's Time to STOP the Logan Paul Loophole ► bit.ly/2EB2orp
    All Your Memes Are DEAD! (Article 13) ► bit.ly/2zqCKnh
    #Creators #ISclipsrs #Charity #Markiplier #Jacksepticeye #PewDiePie #Ninja #Yogscast #MrBeast #SuperCarlinBros #JakePaul #KatiMorton #ColleenBallinger #Matpat
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    When he said bad actors i was confused

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    Whooop. Someone get a mop. That’s a lot of spilled tea.

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    MatPat people only care about money, they're just throwing us under the bus for money!

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    MatPat for ISclips president!

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    You know, I used to always watch 20 minute videos when Minecraft gaming was prime, then when the 10 minute videos took over around the adpocolypse.... but this is the first time I’ve watched a full 20 minute video for a while...

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    The Johnny Depp comment did not age well damn

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    Some what? Ive learned more physics here than my actual physics class

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    Pretty sure you just called for a war throughout ISclips

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    It sounds like somebody is upset because he can't milk YT for more money as tho he was promised it in the user agreement. BUT THATS JUST A THEORY!

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    ISclips Should Hire Matpat To Speak To The Advertisers

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    ISclips is change and people hate change. They'll always fight it. Just be proud of all the good you do. :)

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    THIS. THIS .THIS THIS. I can't believe I wasn't subbed on this account. Fixed.

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    Talking about charity with companies who care about profits.
    Marketing is about segregation and targeting (also the marketing mix).
    The way I see it companies don’t consider people who watch gaming videos as potential buyers (they think it’s only kids and loners who have from low to no income). Thus concluding that advertising to an audience that won’t buy the product as a bad decision. Also there are other factors like company image and bad publicity. My point is that they don’t clearly understand the market and consider it risky.
    Also have you see Facebook’s annual report, those guys are doing great, since advertising seems to be moving across platforms.

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    Literally alert the media. Tag them and tweet this video every time they right a hit piece on a content creator...

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    I think it’s easy. Before internet, media was absolute king of information, so they could make tons of money and mould people’s mind like they wanted. Now you can choose where to have your information and entertainment, and since they are all opportunistic sociopaths that care only about money, we audience are not watching/reading them anymore. They are becoming irrelevant, that’s why they are getting more and more desperate about youtubers. That’s why you see less You and more Hollywood Tube here. They will eventually take over the platform, becoming the new TV and News trash.

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    Get 'em Matt!

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    Journalists are basically digging themselves in a hole because the younger generation loves ISclips and once this generation gets older they will not want to support or view the news outlet or website that the articles slandering ISclipsrs were on

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    A regular "good ISclips news" show would be awesome =)

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    Oh wow, this was really powerful. Thank you for making this-it’s refreshing to be reminded of why I love this community

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    MatPat i swear, if in one or some years there is gonna be a documentary uncovering that you're in reality a scumbag, imma unsubscribe from humanity. Keep up the amazing work.

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    4,7k dislikes. I think they are journalists XD

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    Johnny depp was the one being abused btw

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    there is no morality in advertisement. it's not about being ethic, or being right, or just. It's all about making money. Gillete's ad was not a social commentary. It was a way to earn money because it was a very profitable campaign as a lot of angry people would give them free publicity and as you all know there is no such thing as bad publicity. Good stories do not sell as much as bad. A lot of explicit songs are monetized because it's profitable, a lot of smaller channels aren't because they are a higher liability than they are worth. One thing the Gillete ad did show was that "wokeness" is profitable as non-toxic consumers outweight the toxic ones. The same thing might happen to youtube as well for better or for worst.

    Gamers have a bad rep after the whole gamergate thing, and a loud group of gamers show a lot of hostility for people going against status quo, yes they do great things too, but GDQ got a lot of criticisms because they made their terms of service stricter and a lot of gamers felt censored even though the solution "be more mindful" was not hard or expensive to uphold. A fictional amputee woman is enough to cause an outrage among some very loud gamers. These gamers do help paint a very negative picture of gamers as a whole despite the thousands of really nice people, loud jerks always sour the mood.

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    R I S E U P

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    It really makes me mad to know that even with a video of this quality, this truth, they won't change.

  • A Sword made from the blood of my enemies

    That's it. Matpat has snapped.

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    I ate my dog

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    They don't care about charities. They care about the numbers and the numbers are in the companies not in the creators.

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    Mat your a good person you travel the truth all the time and should be in the hall of fame and this channel should be passed on your family I solute

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    You ruined your mic drop by coming back to say more. :P

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    We need to make MatPat the owner/manager/ceo of youtube

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    But why gamers and gaming being hated the most? What's the secret? What's the reason?

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    this is a deep video

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    More power to us Gamers!
    Your our Hero!

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    ISclips: ...
    ISclips: *looks for yellow button*

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    we all know the media and hollywood is about the narrative, thats why trash movies win the oscars just for pushing the narrative, it doesnt matter if they dont even sell well in the box office we gotta eat the crap sandwich and the lies of the media every single time.

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    I raised $85 for ALS research last year with a 24 hour stream, and was happy doing that. It was enough to pay for something.

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    Sounds like good ole case of West Egg and East Egg

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    I would love to write my paper about this, do any one knows the cites he used?

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    Where can I get the cites ?

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    I will not argue, I cannot argue, I will just state we are the country of hypocrisy, so sad

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    Ok i get why ISclips and Google should see this or whatever, but why do 2.3 million others need to? If most everyone already knows the gaming channels don't get enough credit?

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    MatPat throwing shade on The Oscars and NFL is giving me life

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    So I doubt I'm the first to say this and I also acknowledge there's no guarantee you'll even notice this post. But MatPat? You need to run for public office.

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    ilhan omar: it's all about the benjamins

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    hey turned out that the johnny depp thing was actually the other way around. www.courthousenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/DeppHeard.pdf

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    3:35 I pretty much died of laughter

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    ISclips is mankind's best creation.

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    He is disgustingly right. Matpat for president.

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    It's all about control.

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    What are the chances any big company or ISclips themselves are even going to care about this video...

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    I did a speech in front of my science class about how dory is a fake just by remembering the video. At the end I asked the class who watches matpat and around 10 people raised their hands.

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    The mediums change with the times and there will always be those that refuse to accept it.

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    You tell them and so you know this is why I continue to watch and support your content 😁

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    Someone is pouring millions into google to stop gaming becoming popular and additionally someone is also paying mass media to look the other way...
    However, the online community and world community is fed up wit the continued double standards and the mass media is as extinct as a T-Rex in a tar pit!
    It’s only a matter of time, how many people still go to the shops to buy a newspaper?
    Who rushes home to catch the news?
    Conventional entertainment is changing and mass media needs to embrace that change or they will fall by the wayside.

  • WallpaperNinja
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    Check out the boyz of Newlegacyinc, they raise a whole hell of a lot of money for the Canadian Cancer society by doing a 24 hour wrestling game stream every couple of years called the Royaliest of Rumbles. They legit doubled their goal in 2017.

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    Matt patt should be on the flash

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    there should be a community where it's only purpose is to share videos like this

    (there probably is and i just didn't find it yet)

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    4:49 is one of the many reasons that gamers are the most oppressed minority

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    TIL PewDiePie gave to charity and therefor isn't a problem.

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    6:31 heyyy tear of grace is on that, that's somethung special......i'll show myself out

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    I got a theory a gay theory

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    Make giving to charity a competition. It'll make more money for charity! I don't get why that would be a bad thing.

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    4.7K advertisers disliked this

  • Long Boi Thomas
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    We live in a society, gamers will rise...

  • Epikification
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    You know WHY they don't care about youtubers, right? They are worried about themselves. You're taking their market.

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    That jacket is really cool. I've got one about like it except for the hood. Anyone know where I can get that one?